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2016-05-06 11:42:13 by belthagor

Hello everyone!

Round of applause for @BrenTheMan for creating our very own newgrounds chat, which can be found directly on the website! He worked on and off several months to make it in using nodejs and plain HTML/JS/CSS, and it does not take up any resources on the site!

There are two urls which you can use to reach the chat, and depending on which url you use, the size of the chat differs.

It's responsive based on if you want to shrink the window, and you can post clickable urls on it!


I am glad you decided to fill out this interview Dylnmatrix, and let us know more about yourself.

My name is Matt Davis. I’m 21, a total nerd, anime weeb, jRPG loving loser that doesn’t really know how to talk about himself. I’m a longtime choir geek, taking on the voice range of a High Tenor down to Low Baritone.

How did you make up your username?

Well, it all started in middle school, back when AOL Instant Messenger was still a thing. My friend introduced me to one of his “friends” and the sane side of me decided to use a fake name to feel safer, so I came up with Dylan Marshall and I’ll leave that at that. After that ship sailed, I was in high school and needed a cooler email address, so I took the Dylan name again and combined it with one of my guilty pleasure movies, The Matrix. Take out the “a” in Dylan and you have Dylnmatrix. It officially stuck once I signed up for Newgrounds and the rest is history.

When did you start making music, how did it happen?

Technically, I’ve been making music since I could make noises, but I first consciously wrote a song with a band I played bass for in 2009. I started writing electronic music though in 2011, getting serious in 2012. 7 years total, but only 4 years if you count my EDM “career”.

Is there a certain message you want to give your audience in your works?

Um…I would have to say I actually leave my tracks up to interpretation. I do usually have a million scenes in my head as I write, deciding on one complete image when I’m done, but I feel like it’s more fun to see how other people see my tracks.

If I had to say I wanted to give my audience a message, I would say “open your mind to the music, let it take you somewhere special to you and only you.” But that’s just the sappy side of me.

Would you have any difficulty composing a certain type of music or genre?

Orchestral and classical types of music. I do use influences from them, but I have trouble writing music without leading myself to EDM.

What programs/instruments/other things do you use?

I use FL Studio 12 with a set of Yamaha HS5 monitors for production. I also have a Squire P-Bass, which I’ve owned since 2008, and an Ibanez AEG10II Acoustic Guitar, which I got a couple years ago.

Do you see music as a career?

Back when I started, no. Now, it’s a possibility. My interest for music production and audio engineering is ever increasing, so I’ve decided to actually go to school for it at the Minneapolis Media Institute and learn about working with live audio and more about mastering.

Are you working on anything right now? Tell us about it.

On my own, not really no. I recently doodled something that could become a thing, but I don’t know yet. As my group Equilibria, however, we have been working on a new thing for a while now. It was inspired by melodic Hard Trance, similar to Clayfacer, Dimension, Assaf or Mikkas. That’s about all I’ll say about it though, as we’ve hit a bit of a rut and need time to figure out where to go with the track.

Other comments? (This section is for anything else you would want to write)

Newgrounds was a big help to get me into EDM and the realm of sharing music online that I don’t know what I’d be doing without it. Thank you to everyone involved in my growth, even if you’re not active on NG anymore.

Check my tracks, bro:


BC and



I am glad you decided to fill out this interview Yeelp and let us know more about yourself.

 I’m a super friendly kind of guy wanting to get known for my music and outgoing personalilty. I know I have a long way to go to get there but I am also really excited for a challenge and a rewarding journey! My top 3 hobbies include making music, keeping fish and listening to music. I don’t play a whole lot of games; I like to keep myself busy. I guess you could say that makes me a bit of a workaholic – I blame school for that. My music dream is to have a fan base that I can interact with everyday; I’d want to be really close with my fan base to keep them interested in me and to keep me interested in them. It’s a two way street in my opinion. But most importantly, I’d like a fan base that supports me and appreciates me.

How did you make up your username?

 Ha. That’s a short but funny story. To be honest, I’m not sure why it happened the way it happened but the best names in my opinion are the ones that come with little thought process.

Here’s my story. I was playing some Halo on the school computers one day, but I of course needed a username to use. Now, this was back when I would look at the keyboard more than the computer screen when typing. I wanted to name myself “Yello”, kinda like “Hello”, but with a “Y”. Not quite sure why. However, I had one pretty bad typo and got “Yeelp” instead. I didn’t even notice until I was in the game. It felt kinda cool so I just went with it.

When did you start making music, how did it happen?

 It kinda just happened one day. It was like a thirst or craving that needed to be quenched or satisfied. So, I decided to give it a go. I used Magix Music Maker to start myself off, as I had no idea of DAW’s and the sort. I kinda liked how things were going, so I got FL Studio to further my hobby.

Is there a certain message you want to give your audience in your works?

 Not yet, I’m working more on my production and composition technique. Then, I’ll focus on a central theme or message that I want to deliver.

Would you have any difficulty composing a certain type of music or genre?

 I try to stay pretty opened minded, but genres with more “style” and less “structure” seems to be a little more difficult. Electro swing, jazz and disco genres seems to fit here. But with practice, I’ll get the hang of it.

What programs/instruments/other things do you use?

 I use FL Studio. I play trombone and banjo so setting those up for recording isn’t out of the question. I just haven’t tried it yet (Nor have I practiced those instruments in a long time!). I use stuff like Sytrus, Toxic Biohazard and 3x Osc. I’m currently looking for good non native instruments to use in my works.

Do you see music as a career?

 Totally! I’ve even considered post-secondary education just for music! However, I probably won’t take that route and keep music as a hobby or a side career if anything. I wouldn’t use it as my primary source of income.

Are you working on anything right now? Tell us about it.

Tons of things! I’ve revamped an old loop of mine: Canadian Morning. I'm gonna see if it's any better from the original version. I’m gonna give drumstep a try and I’m really excited to work on some electro swing! I have a dance song that’s nearly done too; I just need to tweak it to be just right. I’m also working on a book series: The Chronicles of Yeelp! I post weekly updates about it on my profile page. The first book: The Devil’s Castle is a story about a dictator, more or less, controlling a world where technology and magic combine. Who is this dictator? He’s none other than Death himself. I’m currently fleshing out the Yeelp universe in Smart Ideas 5 to better organize my thoughts before I head to the paper. There’s around 15 or so characters: 5 protagonists, 1 main antagonist, and 9 henchmen. I plan to give sneak previews on chapters as I complete them. I really hope that this is something people will enjoy.


Other comments? (This section is for anything else you would want to write)

I’m TOTALLY friendly! I don’t bite! I’d really like to get to know the Newgrounds fan base in order to expand my own fan base. PM me or find me on Tumblr or whatever suits you most. I’d totally like to hear your opinion of me!

Q: I am glad you decided to fill out this interview TheDukeofJuke and let us know more about yourself.

A: Just your regular average Joe who goes by the same name actually...cause my name is Joe as well. The only thing that makes me different from any other ordinary person is that I treat music like eating, sleeping, and breathing. I can't live without it. Music is my lifeline.


Q: How did you make up your username?

A: It just sounded cool, in all honesty. It sounds like the guy who everybody knows walking down the street with a boombox all 90s style or        hanging around the jukebox. Except he makes the music he plays as well. I had other usernames that I experimented with for awhile such as "PrototypeX17, Autopilot, and Average Joe." Though none of these names really described me that well and didn't really roll off the tongue.

Q: When did you start making music, how did it happen?

A: I've always had a fondness for video game music. My first video game soundtrack I ever heard was from G-Nome developed by 7th Level and composed by Chris Boardman. It was then followed by soundtracks like Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Bejeweled 2, Klonoa 1 and 2, Hitman: Codename 47, etc... I then found a site called Newgrounds and came across music by artists such as Waterflame, cornandbeans, ParagonX9, and other similar artists whom I adored. I found out that a lot of these artists used a program called Fl Studio.
 And well...there you go. Fl Studio is the bomb. It really needs to incorporate mid-song time signature changes though.
 If you're reading this Image-Line, first off...Why? Secondly: incorporate that shit into your DAW. Everyone needs this.


Q: Is there a certain message you want to give your audience in your works?

A: Eh...don't let your dreams be dreams? In all seriousness though, it takes an extreme amount of passion and dedication to become who you want to be. Don't stop until your reach that level. And once you reach that level...keep going. Also don't use too much reverb. That stuff can get addicting and make your music sound god-awful.


Q: Would you have any difficulty composing a certain type of music or genre?

A: Probably...dubstep really. It's a genre that requires the most attention to mixing out of any other genres I've worked with. And I don't really consider myself the king of mixing. I'm more the guy who writes the awesome melodies and chord progressions that are made out in my head and finally put into whatever program I decide to use for it. But I do pay better attention to mixing than I used to. Also orchestral stuff is something that requires a lot of attention. I mean just listen to the stuff you hear by guys like John Williams, Danny Elfman, Henry Mancini, and the other pros. I want that sound in my compositions, man.


Q: What programs/instruments/other things do you use?

A: I primarily use FL Studio for it's simple interface and ability to increase productivity and it's actually got some pretty awesome default plugins.
Harmor, Sytrus, Toxic Biohazard, etc... I'm looking to start using trackers at some point in the near future for the inspiration demoscene music has made on my life. My choice plugins are things like: EWQLSO Gold, and I dare say this...ReFX Nexus 2 for it's sickass pianos/plucks and other similar presets. Really organic stuff in that plugin. Also Harmor for being one of the most kickass image synthesis vsts. You can make a sound of you growling or going "Yai!" into a sick effect in a matter of minutes. I also use Synthmaster for my chiptune-type tracks along with vsts like Toxic Biohazard and Zeta+ 2. And Bleep is extremely useful for one shots/percussion/fx. If there's anything I love doing more than anything with my music. It's creating a track with presets I made from scratch. Pads would probably be my favorite sounds to make out of all. There's a magic in hearing a sound that evolves through time and also sounds harmonious at the same time. I'm just rambling at the point; but you can understand what I mean hopefully. I have some secret VSTs I use that I'd prefer to not say the names of since I make most of my signature sounds from them. Gotta keep some things a mystery, you know.


Q: Do you see music as a career?

A: Of course. Just gotta be at the right place at the right time. It helps to have an mp3 player with your works on it at the ready if you ever happen to come across a pro who would like to help you advance in the music world. The only reason I ever think of music and money in the same sentence is the fact that I'm trying to get me and my family out of the bad state we're in. Otherwise, I prefer to keep my music free to listen to.


Q: Are you working on anything right now? Tell us about it.

A: I'm currently working on a video game soundtrack for a best friend's game. It's currently in the alpha stages though. And not much has been done music-wise by me due to me needing to see the game close to it's finished state to get the feel of the atmosphere I need to compose my tracks at their best. I've made posts about working on albums before but none of them have been getting worked on too much, in all honesty. That will change at some point. I no longer post news about these sorts of things until it's close to being finished.


Q: Other comments?

A: You mean you want to hear more from me? I suppose I could say I really freaking love pie. Cause pizza counts as pie. And you can put damn-near anything on pizza. And coffee should just be called brain juice.

I am glad you decided to fill out this interview Sierra Rising and let us know more about yourself.


How did you make up your username?

It started a while back when I was using Hexagon (or HXN) and I started realizing that the name was neither original or representative of myself as a person. Sierra made sense at the time because I like to think of scenery (like sierras, forests, mountains and so on) when making and listening to music. It´s a major part of who I am. Rising...well, just "Sierra" was taken. But Rising made sense because I am - in a manner of speaking - rising upwards. Or I´d like to be, anyway.


When did you start making music, how did it happen?

It started when I found Newgrounds. After listening to music that was good, but not what I was used to hearing off of radios and such, I realized there were several grades of musicians, not just professional or nothing. It also introduced me to electronic music. So I played around with the FL Studio demo from 8th to 9th grade, then in later years started buying various versions, vsts, hardware, sample packs and so on. In 2014, I got tired of 16-bar loops, made a a Newgrounds account and said "What happens, happens."


Is there a certain message you want to give your audience in your works?

I just want to make people happy. Music gave me a great deal of inner peace, I'd like to pass that on, if I can.


Would you have any difficulty composing a certain type of music or genre?

I don't know a thing about musical instruments. I'd love to know how, but rock, pop, and similar things are out of reach for me right now.


What programs/instruments/other things do you use?


FL Studio 12


Instruments and Hardware of note:

Massive, Sytrus, and 3xOsc, mainly. I use a Tascam DR-05 (mark 2?) for field recordings and such, and an M-Audio Keystation 49 for my laziness. I have really simple speakers, but I´m working on getting better ones. Also, Voxengo SPAN. Best thing that happened to me this year. Free and awesome. yay.


Do you see music as a career?

I do this as a hobby now. But I´d like day...


Are you working on anything right now? Tell us about it.

Not quite sure yet. Gotta think about that. Expect more Drum n Bass from me though.


Other comments?

I´ve gone on long enough. If anyone wants to talk, PM me or add me on skype at, I love a good conversation. In the meantime, have a great day, folks!

I am glad you decided to fill out this interview 1f1n1ty and let us know more about yourself.

 Thanks. Oh wait, why has everyone else put their personal information in this section? Well, let's see...

I'm a person living on the planet Earth making music in my free time. I also do a lot of other stuff, like running my YouTube channel (which is almost completely devoted to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon at this point), playing games, and just overall being a nerdy person. I'm also a Pikachu in the Pokemon world, and I go on all kinds of thrilling adventures with my best friend. Just recently we found out about an entirely different Pokemon universe connected to ours, and we're looking into it. It's really fun.

How did you make up your username?

 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity has been my favorite game ever since it released. So naturally when I was deciding on a username I thought of it. I thought of taking the word "infinity" and mangling it (cuz I also like mathematics lol). The first thing that came into my mind was "1nf1n1ty", because 1s are mathematical, too. But that username was taken, so I messed with the pronunciation a little bit to make "1f1n1ty" a sensible spelling. Pronounced wun-FIHN-ih-tee, not ih-FIHN-ih-tee like I know most of you are probably saying to yourself.

When did you start making music, how did it happen?

 I started making music when I realized I was good at it. For years I had been learning piano. It was great, except that I hated practicing. Every day I would find myself, instead of practicing, freestyling my own tunes - putting my hands to the keys and letting it all just flow out. At the time, I assumed everyone who learned piano could do that. It wasn't until I was more mature when I realized that not everyone who learned piano could play freestyle. In a sudden epiphany I realized I would be good at making music, so I looked into ways to get started. I had some friends to help me. :)

Is there a certain message you want to give your audience in your works?

 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is awesome lol

In all seriousness, it is. Go play some of them. But for a more general message targeted towards general listeners, I'd say don't be afraid to do insane things sometimes.

Would you have any difficulty composing a certain type of music or genre?

 If I don't have gear for it, I probably can't do it. That's pretty much anything but electronic, tbh.

What programs/instruments/other things do you use?

 You mean, like, other than FL? I guess my piano counts. I plan to get a MIDI keyboard in the future. :)

My VSTs and stuff I will not name. Nope.

Do you see music as a career?


Well, I can't make a substantial amount of money off of free music. And I don't want to sell my music, since I believe music should be free.

Are you working on anything right now? Tell us about it.

 Music wise, I'm working on a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity remix project and a Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon remix project. The goal is to remix as much as I can from their respective soundtracks to attempt to inspire others to admire said soundtracks as much as I do. Outside of music, I have a whole list of other compulsive projects centered around my YouTube channel and a few other things.

Other comments? (This section is for anything else you would want to write)

As you can tell I'm a big Pokemon nerd :P My whole spiel about me being a Pikachu under that first "question" is technically lying, but my imagination likes to tell myself it's all true, so it must be. :)

I am glad you decided to fill out this interview TonicTaste, and let us know more about yourself.

 I'm 20 years old, and I'm a male, and I am recently new to being a member on Newgrounds. I think it's been about a month since I've been on here. So far, it seems like a chill place to be at. I like to play games and make music. I do like to watch anime, but not like that. I will watch at least 2 to 3 different animes, then after that, I will a take break from watching it for awhile. I also don't know how long it will be before I'm not straight edge anymore, but hopefully I will keep it that way. I don't plan to ever drink or do drugs. 

How did you make up your username?

I came up with my username on the spot. It's nothing really special. Sometimes I want to change it but then I realize it's fine the way it is. I like my usernames to have alliterations. It just sounds cooler to me.

When did you start making music, how did it happen?

What actually got me into ever making music started out with guitar hero 3 and my best friend wanting to learn how to play guitar. At the time I was 13 and I wasn't really interested in music. I like listening to it, but it wasn't something to me I had a passion for at the time. I was more into video games and wanting to learn how I could make one, but back to getting to how this all started. My friend introduced me to guitar hero 3 and I had a blast playing that game and battling against my friend. Soon later on my friend and I were walking around the school hallway and came across a poster about guitar lessons starting and only having to pay $13 a week, which wasn't bad at all. My friend was really ecstatic about it and he signed up for immediately. I gave it some thought and I literally signed up for it, just to hangout  with my friend and that's it. Little did I know that down the road that this was something that I became actually good at and it became something really fun for me. I play my guitar for at least 4 hours a day and I love to make music now.

Is there a certain message you want to give your audience in your works?

There's not really message that I'm giving or showing to audience. Just as long as you understand that music is music. Just enjoy it.

Would you have any difficulty composing a certain type of music or genre?

Composing music ehhhh...yes and no. If I'm making it in fl studio, then yes. If not, then no. I've only had year in making songs in fl studio 11 so I'm still struggling with putting things together and especially mixing, I have a real hard time with that.

What programs/instruments/other things do you use?

My guitar and Fl studio 11 and whatever vsts, that's it.

Do you see music as a career?

I hope I can make it as a career. I really want to make a band hopefully become big to tour around states.

Are you working on anything right now? Tell us about it.

Nothing to crazy. Still making more songs in fl studio and hoping to get better with it.

Other comments? (This section is for anything else you would want to write

Here is a video of me playing guitar.

I am glad you decided to fill out this interview: stratkat (of Daydream Anatomy) and let us know more about yourself.
Well I'm 25,  a male, total nerd. Generally a mixed view of myself as a person, I have good intentions, but I'm a recovering alcoholic.  Like I was a real alcoholic, wake up to sleep, if I didn't have it I'd be physically sick.  I have generalized anxiety and adhd, both would be at their extremes during withdraws, so I did some not so great things to get my fix.  I got medically detoxed, and went rehab for 28 because of my habit, but in 6 months (may 8th 2015, to date this) I haven't went back to liquor.

On a much lighter note, I'm a total gamer and anime weeb, check out stratkat on myanimelist to see my list of watched shows, it's quite a long list.  Steam name's stratkat too if you wanna see my games and how much time I spend on my pc playing games alone. PSN is stratkat.  You get the idea, you see stratkat, 7/10 times it's me. I'm starting to get more serious work with video-games, and have made music for vidya and animu abridged series.  I play the occasional roleplaying game, DnD 3.5 campaign going right now, got my own full set of overpriced dice.  I love certain western (english) cartoons, adventure time (gone downhill since the lich arc imo) rick and morty, gravity falls, and quite few more, too many to name.  In games I recently beat the Bloodborne dlc and am trying to beat all of payday 2's heists on deathwish difficulty.  Souls games and indie games (especially if they're pixelated) are my favorites, even if the pixel indie market is saturated.  Sometimes I stream/record lets plays with my friend Karzie, you can find his channel searching stratkat and karzie.


How did you make up your username?
I saw it on a Fender guitar shirt when I was 14, luckily I don't regret it, and it's not copyrighted or trademarked by fender, in music strat works for it's association the stratocaster guitar, it's the same first four letters of a famous luthiers (Stradivari,) online in games it's short for strategy, there's stratosphere, I've found a lot of meaning in that name.   Daydream Anatomy just sounded cool to me, with ADHD I daydreamed a lot, and the name shortened to DDA is ADD backwards.


When did you start making music, how did it happen?
When I was 14 I picked up guitar, there was always one in the house, but this is when I decided to pick it up and toy around enough until my father who's a guitar player could teach me. Honestly I picked it up at first because I was awkward, and thought it'd get girls to notice me, learned later that not many non-musicians really think it's all that cool.  After about a year I had to self teach myself, and learn music theory on my own.  I wrote my first original songs when me and some local kids formed a metal band in 2006, we played one live show, it was an amazing experience, learned a lot.  Around 2008 I tried FL studio, being in a rural area, I'd run out of musicians to form metal bands with, and seeing kids on newgrounds make music on their own (dj nate, f777, etc. Trance Crafter was a HUGE influence for a long time,) made me really think that I could figure it out if I tried.  I adopted the name Daydream Anatomy in 2010 and decided I wanted to try to reach out to an audience and make a living, or at least supplement income from making music in a DAW.


Is there a certain message you want to give your audience in your works?
It's cool to be a nerd.  Also I leave up all my very early work to show people how bad I was when I started, on Newgrounds you can find stuff from 2008 and maybe earlier.  No shame.  I think that's a good message, that, well pretty much everyone, comes out and isn't amazing at making music when they start out.  But many artists change their name or delete their old work out of embarrassment.  I have no shame in my early attempts at creating music.


Would you have any difficulty composing a certain type of music or genre?
Dubstep's given me quite the headache before, I can't do any of the newer stuff in that style.  Bluegrass and some folk stuff would also be hard to do, not only because of my medium but also because I'm not well practiced in either.  Specific scales are hard for me to follow, the non-major ones, it takes a lot of focus for me to follow something like say the arabic scale, or asian scales.  I've been practicing orchestral music, people say I'm getting better, but I'd love nicer sound banks.


What programs/instruments/other things do you use?
FL studio, 8, don't want to upgrade, did to 9, went back.  I play guitar, I currently don't own one, but I had a les paul quilt top, the headstock snapped off, instead of paying to have it repaired I sold it for booze money, don't get addicted to drugs if you like having gear.  Komplete 8, z3ta+, sytrus, kontakt with NI banks, shreddageX, fmsynth2601, psg, and sylenth1 are my main vsts.


Do you see music as a career?
It can be, but to make a living it's much easier to be as diverse as possible if you want to work for other people, getting famous making what you want to make is harder.  You can like everything you make, but sometimes clients will want you to dive into a genre you normally wouldn't listen too, but you can still make something you like personally.  Networking is also very important, in my experience connecting with artists, promoters, and content creators is as easy as 1-3 emails, remember sometimes persistence is seen as dedication, and if it's annoying, who cares, it's just a few emails, some miss them, some will respond just to get you to stop, but you'll still get them to notice you.  I'm not near a living wage with music, but I wasn't making a living wage washing dishes either.  It's becoming easier to do your own thing with things like youtube fanfunding, and patreon.


Are you working on anything right now? Tell us about it.
A Megaman X fangame, it's challenging emulating snes sound, but it's fun. The beta feels really good, it's on an original engine, not one ripped from a game, so it's awesome, even though it's bare bones art and design wise. It was one of my favorite games as a child.  I can't say much more than that.  There's a few paying videogame projects in the pipeline that I'm hoping work out.  I also made 1 or 2 tracks that might show up in yandere simulator at some point, but that game's a musician free for all right now, so who knows.
I'm saving most of my originals for game stuff, but I release a lot of remixes to fans, I try to upload one to youtube at least once a week.  I was working on a project I didn't know if I was gonna call clockwork calamity or boss blitz, but the project files were lost and I went on hiatus for a while since my hard drive was trashed, as well as my pc.  I'm close to getting my studio to it's former glory.  The last album I was very proud of was Cloud kicker, and that came out 3 years ago, losing those projects hurt my motivation for a long time.  Now I'm too busy using originals for projects, but those will come out as OST soundtracks eventually.


Other comments? (This section is for anything else you would want to write)
Check out my music at
picarto (somtimes make music live)
Check me out on spotify, iTunes, and any other major music outlets too.

I am glad you decided to fill out this interview CamRa, and let us know more about yourself.
My name is Cameron Rich, my hobbies include Gaming, YouTube, and Twitch. I am 12 (Do not worry, I'm mature). I am an aspiring musician and Pro-Gamer. Not much to talk about.
How did you make up your username?
Well, It originated from my GD Username. CamRa had a lot of factors in it, Cam came from my real name, Cameron. Everyone would associate me with a Camera because I am good with tech. The reason it's CamRa and not CameRa is because everyone always misspelled my name, thinking it was spelled Camron.
When did you start making music, how did it happen?
 Well.... I used to be a dumper. It was a noobish thing to do, but now I am legit.
Is there a certain message you want to give your audience in your works?
 Well, most of my songs are gonna be video game/dubstep. I am a gamer. Yeah.
Would you have any difficulty composing a certain type of music or genre?
 Yes, actually. I loathe pop songs, and only listen to EDM.
What programs/instruments/other things do you use?
 I use FL studio (demo) and GarageBand.
Do you see music as a career?
 Honestly, kinda. Ironically, I think youtube is a career, but music isn't much of a career in my mind.
Are you working on anything right now? Tell us about it.
 Just remixes and covers and whatnot. Nothing special really.
Other comments? (This section is for anything else you would want to write)
Eh, not much.

Newgrounds Musician Interviews: TroisNyx

2015-12-06 14:18:50 by belthagor

All musicians are welcome to answer.
Questions found here:


First up: TroisNyx

I am glad you decided to fill out this interview, Troisnyx, and let us know more about yourself.
Alright, where shall I begin…
Uh, I’m 24, engaged to Seán (who is also on NG but mainly because I forced him to be), and generally downright weird. With a capital W. And everything else besides. In size 300 Comic Sans font with loads of exclamation marks and 1s. In 1998-style WordArt.
But in all seriousness: I grew up in Kuala Lumpur, and as I grew up, I wrote articles criticising the Malaysian authorities. I came to Britain to study law at my parents’ behest, and the situation where I grew up worsened. It’s now no longer safe for me to return home. So, I am an asylum seeker. Some may not like this, and consider me the lowest of the low. I don’t give a damn about what they think. If they don’t like asylum seekers, then they have an ignorant perception of what asylum seekers really are like.

How did you make up your username?
My username was initially TroisNyxEtienne – something that I had conceived in 2004. ‘Trois’ is the French for three, ‘Nyx’ is the name of the Greek goddess of night, and ‘Etienne’ was what I thought would be the closest proper name if I spelled my own first name backwards. The three parts of my username have a deeper significance for me: Trois is my homage to God as Holy Trinity, a very Christian understanding. Nyx is what I took to signify personal darkness. Etienne became an homage of sorts to St Stephen, protomartyr, because Etienne is the French equivalent of the first name, Stephen.
In later years I shrank that username to Troisnyx, simply because I didn’t want people asking me how on earth to pronounce this mess of letters that went Troisfdalgndausngvh.

When did you start making music; how did it happen?
I was apparently 2+. My mother used to tell me that I tinkered on a toy piano, and made some really nice melodies on it. I remember that toy piano, but I don’t really remember what it sounded like.
I began composing when I was 10, as part of a mandatory composition project that my classmates and I had to do. I don’t think any of us had prior experience in composing, and I dug my heels in. It was an absolute drag. Little did I know I would pick up that compositional skill that I had learnt at that time, and little did I know that it would stick with me.
The first time I ever recorded my own voice was in 2009, and a year later, I shared some songs made on Mario Paint, which at the time was the only decent way for me to record instrumental music.
Doing stuff on a DAW (digital audio workstation) is another story. I first got acquainted with a DAW when I was 19, and at university. A friend of mine taught me the basics of the piano roll, volume envelopes and things like these on Logic Pro 8, which I couldn’t take home with me because I don’t own a Mac, and never did own one in the past. Then FL Studio was introduced to me by another friend, and the rest is history I guess.

Is there a certain message you want to give your audience in your works?
The message I hope to give is Christ’s. It’s a message of hope, love, joy, peace, reconciliation, forgiveness... It is the uplifting of the human soul, and just a slice of the highest heaven. It is something I truly find beautiful, and I really want to share that beauty with all of you. Thing is, this message cannot be condensed to what you find in this post. Even the songs that I sing will not be enough to encompass what I’m trying to get across. I’m probably not the best example, either, when it comes to giving the message of Christ to people. But I want to do so anyway. And I hope the music I’ve made does this.

Would you have any difficulty composing a certain type of music or genre?
Composing, probably not. Mixing, yes.
I struggle with mixing any kind of rock, despite knowing how to compose for it, and theoretically, I should be able to handle genres I wouldn’t touch with the end of a ten-foot pole, including dubstep, rap and hardstyle. If I don’t know anything, I normally learn quite quickly, both with YouTube guidelines and advice from fellow Newgrounds musicians. But I’ll be honest; I can’t mix these, not yet. Do I really want to, though?

What programs/instruments/other things do you use?
*groan* Here comes the long list of equipment, I guess.

• DAW: FL Studio 11.
• Hardware: Blue Snowball, Samson MIDI keyboard which is small, and I forget the serial number, and 11 rosewood tippers for the bodhráns, three pairs of drumsticks (2C, 5A and I forget what size), a pair of timpani mallets.

• Physical instruments – at least the ones I use anyway:
o Four bodhráns (20" standard, 18" standard, 18" tuneable and 8")
o Darbuka which is incidentally shaped like a djembe, don’t ask me why
o Half-sized djembe
o Triple bongos
o Another set of bongos that have been separated because one of the lugs broke
o A small, flat Chinese drum called bian gu
o Glockenspiel – no, not a concert one, just a student one
o Small diatonic xylophone
o Recorder (G? I think)
o Tin whistle (D)
o Chromatic harmonica
o Electric organ – the kind with all sorts of colourful tabs
o A small keyboard that doesn’t have internal speakers and has to be routed to a radio or an external speaker for it to work
o A medium-sized keyboard with MIDI output that currently doesn’t have a base to support its innards, and needs repairs to the point that I think it’d be more worth it to buy a new one
o Stylophone
o Celtic harp, tuned to G by default
o Tambourine
o Loads and loads of bells – and I mean the jingly kind, the kind that you find in jewellery or hobby shops on occasion
o Pretty much anything that can class as a found instrument, for percussive effect. I once tapped on the base of a stack of CDs on Uplift, a track of mine that got played on BBC Radio Lancashire.
 The other instruments that I do not yet know how to use are two violins, two guitars (one ¾ and one full), a concertina, a button accordion (which some people like to call a melodeon)…

• VSTs (do these actually stand for Virtual Sound Technology or something like that?)
o Fruity Soundfont Player. No, I am dead serious. The vast majority of my songs use soundfonts in some way, shape or form.
o Sytrus, my new go-to for electronic sounds.
o Versilian Studios’ plugins, including Chamber Orchestra 2 which is in beta (I think?), Miscellania I and II, Fretless Zither, Upright Piano and Dan Tranh.
 Versilian’s VSTs are the only external VSTs I actually have. The rest of my inventory consists of FL Studio defaults.

Do you see music as a career?
Not yet, but I aim to. In my current situation I cannot accept paid work, but I welcome any commission, video game project or voice acting project which is clean and gets my name out there. And hopefully, once my case is settled, I may be able to start taking steps to turning my musical dream into an actual career.
Well, being a musician is a legitimate career, despite what some people like to think. I was forced to read law because both my parents shoved the belief on me that music is not a career. This caused me years of suffering that I cannot begin to get into. Some of it, I mentioned when I was interviewed by @TheInterviewer.

Are you working on anything right now? Tell us about it.
I’ve got two smallish projects going on right now -- @Ceevro’s singalong collab for Christmas, as well as an entry for a Christmas competition hosted by @Bosa. The competition entry is something I hold close to my heart.

Other comments? (This section is for anything else you would want to write)
Newgrounds seriously needs to come up with an Android app. It has been there for 20 years, undergone various sorts of design changes, and the least we could do for those of us browsing on mobile devices is enable an Android app, or perhaps a mobile version of the site for those who would prefer it. We have a lot of really talented programmers; surely a few people at least can chip in and help the staff do this. I get especially frustrated with this when I want to make a new news post, with content available on my tablet or phone for instance, and cannot do so because the text editor isn’t supported by Android, for example.