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Belthagor's News

Posted by Belthagor - June 20th, 2021

Hello everyone! I thought I would make a list of all my speeches that I have done with voice actors on newgrounds, here you go:

(Below only allowed for 18+)



Posted by Belthagor - May 26th, 2021

A long decade ago I met a young woman over 18 in Europe. I invited her to my glorious apartment late at night, and we talked for a bit... anyway she was eventually in my bed, with her legs up pressed at my shoulders. We had slow sex. Inward followed by a couple seconds pause, outward followed by a couple seconds equally long pause. I had her all night. We started at midnight and kept going for roughly 6-7 hours. It wasn't the kind of thing you'd call edging in the US, because here I've noticed from experience, that it's either something to do with genetically modified foods or who knows exactly why, but during sex I would usually feel an increased need to come, and the faster I go, the better it feels.

Europe is mostly natural so we don't get that feeling during slow sex. We can keep going while enjoying pleasure to the point of having out of control breaths from time to time, and being in a trance, without feeling irritation from the sex being so slow. Anyway, the reason for that was that I wanted to try something new, I had been in Europe for a short while and thought it might be fun; to see what happens. After a few hours we were in a trance, and I realized that unfortunately this would probably end with my legs giving out from standing in front of the bed, but kept going.

The sun rose. Fortunately, there's something special about apartments in Bulgaria which were built during the Soviet Union. The door opened by itself, and made a startling noise, which may seem annoying but was actually beneficial. I took a pause from the sex, followed by speeding up for a period of 4? seconds, going inward and outward, which lead to both me and the adult woman I had met cumming at the same exact time.

We made a noise at about the same final second, because when you have sex with someone slowly, you both tend to eventually be at a pre-orgasm state, and it's easy to synchronize the end, except for being unable to go faster by breaking out of your trances. "Ahh" I then laid down next to her and we fell asleep in a few minutes, waking up at 3 pm in the afternoon, having breakfast with some red wine, and then splitting apart. I was only able to speed up from the panic caused by the sound, even though I looked at the door to the side which mildly ruined the end, but then looked back at her.

She was looking at me the whole time, with a few pillows supporting her upper back and head while laying there. Obviously my legs were a bit sore the day after, but my inhibitions were freed much more than alcohol. I guess most people enjoy fast sex, because they can do it many times and have many orgasms, but it does nothing to free your inhibitions unlike slow sex followed by a startling sound leading to orgasm, which seems to free you and your partner from the weight of the world, for a duration of a month at least.

Once again, Communism and it's flimsy doors proved to truly be better than any door money could buy, because absolutely no door makes a loud noise while unexpectedly opening by itself while no one is standing in front of it. #SexyArchitecture #VoteTrump #TrumpHasNiceHair #Sex The only thing missing beforehand would be music, but that might've taken away from the ending of our sex because I might not have been startled enough. For the duration of that month, Bulgaria felt like it had the sexuality and freedom that only one place in Europe has... France. I felt like I was in France for that short while. It was quite an amazing experience, although Bulgaria is a part of Europe and we do fun things too. ;)


Posted by Belthagor - February 18th, 2021


Hello everyone. I have drawn up a concept for my new project. I will be working on it 100% solo unless, for some reason, I am unable to code it, in which case I will need a programmer to help me to do so. As you can see in this screenshot of my drawn preview, I have all the elements drawn up. Now I just need to place them in individual image files and begin coding, which will probably be a nightmare as I have only coded, partially, two things before.



Posted by Belthagor - January 2nd, 2021

Hello everyone. There's evil afoot. "But I have a theory... People talk loud when they want to act smart, right? So if we play loud, people might think were good..."


This film on newgrounds linked below contains copyrighted photographs, cropped photographs in the animation, and I am entirely sure that photographs are not allowed on newgrounds but I may be a bit wrong on that part... let's flag it, shall we?

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Posted by Belthagor - July 5th, 2020


What's Pikachu about to do?! :O

(Yes I know this is badly drawn/has major problems in it.)



Posted by Belthagor - July 2nd, 2020


Posted by Belthagor - June 28th, 2020



Posted by Belthagor - June 12th, 2020


Posted by Belthagor - June 3rd, 2020

Hello everyone! How many newgrounds members here like drinking coffee?

Wouldn't you like technology that could make you enjoy your coffee more while drinking it?

The only reason I'm asking is, recently I overheard a news broadcast where someone was discussing this very same topic, and called it brainwashing technology.

My comment?

"How stupid can people get."

You're getting a free, legal drug (tech,) to go along with your cheap, legal drug (coffee). The one out of very few plants you can ingest which have numerous health benefits, and lead to an overall longer lifespan. It slows aging (antioxidant properties.) It helps fight cancer, sclerosis and alzheimers even.

If people broadcasting news are this idiotic - they should be drinking more coffee, not less of it. And so should the people viewing their broadcasts who believe them.


Since I have viewed the forums multiple times for years I thought this topic would be okay. If it's not, feel free to remove it.



Posted by Belthagor - February 9th, 2019

Hello everyone. After a long conversation, and multiple people's input, I have decided to revolutionize chess using open source code and having a programmer modify it a bit. I will use some music as well on loop as a background to the game.

I could explain the whole concept, but that would be long and boring, so here is a picture that says a thousand words.


And for those of you who would prefer for me to write it out...

In this version of chess, there will be three boards, combined into one, horizontally, and three times the amount of pieces. *The goal is to perform one checkmate on any of the three kings to win.* Group up on one side of the board, but don't leave yourself too defenseless on another.

All feedback welcome.