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This is really well made, although the ending being bad is a bit disappointing for a cartoon based on a children's cartoon series. Professionally drawn. I'm interested in how you did the scene walking through the hall tbh. It must have taken a lot of time. Truly well done animation. 5/5

IncApuddle responds:

Oh! Thank you! Really appreciate that. :3 About the ending, I just felt like it should be bad. Besides I was asked to do 8 minute long animation and bad ending was easier to do. :D About the hall scene, Its just sliding lines with few masks... :D And cyclical movement of objects. I can make a short video about that.

Mamma Mia, it's our wonderful animation.

I'm sorry for your loss.

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Edit: Updated Review: Cool Game! I guess I'm losing my touch due to age... I mean I have experience playing video games but I'm not so young and quick thinking anymore. 5/5

08jack responds:

try pressing down (:

Maybe it is because I'm using webgl on chrome but it's quite glitchy.

Vonka responds:

thank you, the game is not optimized, the game will be optimized in the future.

"Your browser does not support web gl" ??

VerilyFine responds:

This was made with Unity as a Web GL (broswer) game. If there is an issue with browser compatibility I cannot fix that.
Here is Unity's page on WebGL compatibility: https://docs.unity3d.com/2017.3/Documentation/Manual/webgl-browsercompatibility.html

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Go JCtn Squad! 5/5 Well done composition.

It's too dissonant in many places. I get what you were going for though. It definitely wakes you up a bit, by being fast paced. It's a bit panicky in certain areas. The volume level is okay, you could experiment with more volume changes, pan left and right a bit, maybe a few instruments one direction and the rest the other. Experiment and see what works for you. Obviously I am no professional musician so everything I say can be taken with a grain of salt in these reviews. I hope I was able to give good advice. I'm going to vote 5 based on the genre, because I feel the music is fitting to the genre that you have chosen.

TURBOSALT responds:

Im not a professional either, I just love what I do. it's definitely made for the game it's supposed to be in, thank you. : )

Super music! 5/5 Could experiment with a bit deeper or higher pitches imo it would sound better. The part at 0:52 sounds a bit boring, I liked the main theme better, I think it would be nice to listen to if it was longer, but it makes a nice transition from the main theme. Favorite part 1:20-1:50. The transition afterwords sounds a bit smoother. I love the chords on what I think is rhodes piano that follow but it may be a different vst. Do you use Fl Studio? The sound effects and post processing, eq, and everything else are great. 3:06 onward is well thought out as well. The track gets better as you listen to it. Of course I am no expert so everything I type can be taken with a grain of salt. Pan left and right could be useful on this track for volume during the main parts.

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It looks great. I look forward to the link you're going to add of the two emojis, so I can see your inspiration.

Garnet-Frost responds:

Thank you and I just added the links! Meant to add it earlier, but I had to go out today.

*Whistles Nonchalantly*

It looks like pikachu.

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