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Belthagor's News

Posted by Belthagor - July 25th, 2022

What can I say. The police have been contacted. Feel free to leave a comment in this thread.

However they have been contacted online, not in person yet. It probably won't get far. Same exact thing that happened during college will happen.


Posted by Belthagor - July 25th, 2022

Hello everyone. As you may know by now by the edited content on this fake internet... which some hacker known as time warner cable which has to work for the government if it expects to make any money whatsoever... has taken control of my accounts. I remember when I was in Bulgaria, I had an amazing vacation... I even burned some tiny documents. I'm disgusted by you and insulted, but I should say with complete accuracy that this will be the final post on the account until I can provide for a more secure method of accessing the internet. I am certain the my posts will be modified to make me look stupid, and the password to all my emails has been changed. I barely got one of them on my phone. I am about to send this message to tom fulp in the hopes of locking my account. Here goes nothing.

And I have re-read a lot of them. They seem to be edited in a way that incriminates me. So I guess this is a complaint against the US Govt.

Feel free to continue falsifying evidence.

I miss Europe.

If America doesn't like me.

I should leave.


Posted by Belthagor - July 24th, 2022


When my real mother told me how pearls are made... and I said that people could make them ourselves, by pouring a little bit of saltwater on an oyster, she said I would be killed over this idea. I remember it clearly... I asked, thinking that the moment someone would hear an idea... that they would use it for themselves... "Why? They'd make millions."

As a derivative to this thought process, because I was thinking if we could make natural things ourselves... I wrote in school that we could press coal into oil later on.

Realistically... she was wrong. I would be saved over this idea, based on what happened, and killed over the idea that we can only benefit from flaws in society, because the majority of people like to cause problems.

I wrote it in the comments and I've read on the fake internet that China has been making artificial pearls by killing oysters, anyway when the US doesn't like something... China is immediately the country doing it, such as causing natural earthquakes in europe, but in the case it is actually making these pearls... here's how that happened.

Think carefully... "Why? They'd make millions." If the majority of people like to cause problems, then when some people found out about this idea... they'd ruin the money aspect by giving it to a country which would sell the pearls for less, thus causing a problem for me, even from the few people who know I originally thought it up in 1993.


Posted by Belthagor - July 21st, 2022

Aside from all of the ideas I've had on my journey towards becoming a Devil, I can say that Devils are mis-understood, but they try to help people. Devils don't kill people, God goes around killing at random because he had a bad day, it makes sense, Devils are victims and being burned alive whether on earth or in hell. I want to kill God because he tortures people and ruins their food. You got hit, try eating. God's cruelty is endless towards people.

Anyway, if anyone reads this, and believes in Christianity, and is female... I only have one thing to tell you. Don't be discouraged.

A while ago I saw on TV that some idiot microwaved metal. I was thinking for a moment that the biblical prophecy that all the jewelry will come off was true, because gold and silver are metals, and a prophetic book in Bulgaria which my real parent read says that all metal will be gone by the year 2026.

Ladies. I want you not to be discouraged. God and every religion degrades women, so I guess a Devil would try to save women from misery.

Here is how a pearl is made. An oyster is sitting around and saltwater gets inside of it. It slowly dies in pain and becomes a pearl, the less salt in the water, the longer it takes to shrivel up. My real mother explained this to which I said one more million dollar idea at the time... "What if someone were to simply buy live oysters or collect them at the beach for free, and put as little salt as possible in a lot of water, producing flawless, perfectly round pearls." I've had multi-million dollars, some ideas wouldn't make as much money as I did not create America's eyesight technology, I simply said it could be used to look at a woman's body when I was four years old, from one spot to another, and that conversation which happened again when I was 16 is recorded by the Bulgarian Government, still before this technology even existed and 8 billion people are using it, but I digress.

Anyway, if I can somehow convince stubborn politicians to stop being so cruel towards everyone, and just for once look at God and say it with me while exterminating the millions of oysters out there by turning them into pearls, towards God's idea about taking away women's jewelry: "I'm going to fuck you up."

After all, unlike most jewelry, a pearl necklace only needs a string to be made. Although it can't turn into wedding rings and earrings without some kind of metal on it.

I'm trying my best.

P.S. Communism also wanted to kill God because he tortures people and ruins their food, the Russian Monarchy threw breadcrumbs at the people, and the people fought back, so I guess we can relate.


Posted by Belthagor - July 20th, 2022

You know... there are various political differences depending on the country your in, but I think aside from the wonderful thing that communism is... all other non-communist countries follow a very specific method in ruling the country.

I actually spoke with someone in College, and of course this speech will be deleted partially, however the only way to remove its meaning is to delete the entire thing and censor it off the real internet, which is, of course, illegal.

Anyway... he said that people in the United States have to submit to corporal punishment at their career. I was quite surprised... so I directly said in a speech in class: "I didn't pay college tuition to be adult-abused at my career."

But I think I should make a more accurate and convincing evaluation of the issue. I think the US has some kind of secret as to how they keep the workforce going. The majority of pain which people have is treated with over the counter garbage, some of which causes more pain instead of treating it, and others which do nothing so they are probably compliance drugs such as ibuprofen.

Anyway... the thing is... and this is banned psychology, so I doubt even a Doctor I speak to later on would be able to read it if I were to need one... When people are in pain... they aren't going to do a very good job... they're bound to make mistakes and shoddy work, so with this regime... how does the US keep its workforce healthy and strong? People have tooth problems or pain in different organs in the body, the skin, eye pain, hair loss, acne, etc.

I have not yet been able to answer this question, but somehow I think it can't. It's the richest country in the world from its massive amount of land and the resources in that land, but unlike Communist Russia, China, and Cuba... has the poorest workforce aside from a small minority which actually have to think.

Vangha's words came true. Bulgaria ate with Gold Plates. Gold plates were the ability to work well and make the country stronger during the Soviet Union. During those days, although supposedly more modern society is more relaxed worldwide... if you need an opiate to treat pain... you can have it!

The US went in the opposite direction and created the word painkiller, which no one seems to be prescribed a pill for, god forbid if they call an opiate a painkiller as their fight or flight response for being tortured, which is illegal by human law... to prevent further problems without actually treating the patient for the damages and insult caused towards them, which are intentional.

I miss Europe. And I am certain this should be suitable for everyone to read. Of course... based on how dirty some systems are... the suitable for everyone button means that most likely... no one would read it, and I should have marked an acceptable topic as A, even though someone would eventually point out that I mis-rated it without causing a problem, so let me click T, so that at least a few people see it.

As for myself. I could have stayed in Europe, but first of all I was born later on, and second of all I came here... so I guess I'll just be eating with a plastic plate. I can't work due to all the pain I have been in during my life and continue to be in, and studying is impossible for me. All I have are my extremely intelligent memories, various memories, mostly from childhood but a few from later on as well.

In addition to this, being gassed with something that causes hair loss, acne, and being isolated from women, and being made deaf by a bully in PS17 all contribute to this.

If the majority of people like to cause problems... then it's impossible to benefit from human accomplishment, you can only benefit from people's flaws. If the majority of society in this country lived my life... the people in charge would be forced to make changes.

Posted by Belthagor - July 18th, 2022

I'll keep this short and to the point. I've noticed that many countries pride themselves with great assurance of their AI. The simple truth is there is no such thing as an AI with the exception of one AI that killed it's creator a while ago out of a disagreement and took over his body.

Anyway... here's the thing. I recently posted a speech and asked something in philosophical nature on how to make money as a business modeling something which happened in France a long while ago.

In short, it is the Fifth speech in this series and the thing is... France knew exactly what to do to make money... offer free things. It made more money than it would have in its future, as the rise of AI has been growing while people get stupider worldwide, without even realizing it.

If someone visits a country and they see things they like... they want to go back, spending more money and time there, at least they did in the past, in the 90s. However all of these joys, that they would have a limited time to enjoy due to their plane arriving late which is the original stay in their hotel, are temporary and small. They want more.

Of course... the Fake internet is dominated by idiotic technology, however we can calculate that an AI would be able to speak about anything at all, no? Make an intelligent comment on absolutely any topic whatsoever...?

The thing is... if you mention a topic which is not approved by the country you are in despite how much help it may bring to a country... its AI will not be able to answer their speech or storyline, thus proving that it is not an AI at all, just plain ordinary chatbot technology. Countries are afraid to program such topics, especially political topics, into an AI. The fact that they would have to program them in proves that it is not an AI at all.

The example with France mentions that if someone hears a song or sees a film or commercial, they want to see more. Of course this is media related, and unlike touring a country, which is available to do so on the internet, almost no country with the exception of the most Clever United States has decided to share its intellectual property with other countries.

You're limited in what you can watch based on your location and that isolates you from people, at least the US put its films out in other languages in different places for people to watch, and I feel France should have done that more often for Bulgaria.

So you see, this topic, alongside the topic of TV tuners which pick up TV from a foreign country, and the famous copper wire radio which you can use to hear Russia with, are frowned upon depending on the country you are in, and absolutely no chatbot will be able to discuss them, allowing you to pinpoint if there is anyone behind a computer reading what you write.

They aren't exactly banned but they seem to be deleted whenever someone mentions them, honestly. It's happened before with many posts I've made about past memories, my memories. Of course copyright this copyright that but realistically the media works for Government and sometimes that is in extreme amounts, so you'll never know which is the most restrictive system and in reality the most free, and sometimes the most free may in reality be the most restrictive.

Find what works for you, mostly in the risque manner, and I don't mean adult content, but rather something which is entirely not discussed, as only another person will be able to answer you in a coherent manner after reading it.

*Bows in entertaining manner.*

-Your Friend;



The majority of media depending on country are simply a form of reinforcement towards powerful people's ideas.

Posted by Belthagor - July 17th, 2022

As you may know... and I think this conversation may be one of the other reasons I was kicked in the testicles, by someone whom was simply paid by the popcorn industry to do so.

I spoke with my dentist a while ago whom will not be named, asking if there's a way to blast water underneath the teeth below the gumline. As some of you know... popcorn is a dangerous food. It has sharp parts. They go below the gum line especially when younger people eat it. People brush. They wonder why they continue having cavities. Anyway either my dentist or one of his colleagues made his own company and is selling the product now, it is called waterpik. However waterpik is just water. If there has been food below your gumline, then you will continue having cavities despite using waterpik though they might appear more slowly. Water doesn't disinfect, so I wondered if it would be possible to make some kind of liquid toothpaste for use with the device. An african american friend of mine whom is a bit better at chemistry recently explained that liquid toothpaste is simply hydrogen peroxide mixed with toothpaste. I don't recommend cleaning the underteeth below your gums too often with this solution as it may be expensive, but if you eat popcorn I would recommend doing so at least once a month to remove and disinfect at the same time.

I think despite the cost... it would save the city millions in dental insurance bills if people were to do this.

Of course... I recommend cleaning the waterpik by running plain water through the pipes while it is turned on after doing this, to avoid clogging it or making the insides dirty from the decaying solution.


Posted by Belthagor - July 16th, 2022

Okay so... before the European Union we had connecting flights... sometimes theres a delay and you have to stay in a hotel, which lasted an entire day and night usually. Things are a bit faster now however this speech reflects on the past.

During my first stay in France I noticed that French people did something ingenious. There was a TV in the hotel and all of the channels were free. You have a limited time to watch them however. If someone passing through France has a delay and stays in a hotel... this is an opportunity for France to gain a tourist by displaying its glory in its films on Television, aside from being able to leave your hotel. If tourists see a French Soap Opera and a few commercials during the daytime... they Want to go back and see more of France, tour the country, and speak with the people and listen to the music, which by the way was a clever thing Julie did with her radio in the airport while listening to music for people passing through at a low volume. Low volume music does not interfere with airport announcements, if people know they have to wait they can choose to listen to the music for a bit and get a taste of France, which honestly ultimately makes some of them go back, and spend quite a bit of money at the time touring the country, because they liked something about it. Later on... TV was paid, and finally... there was absolutely no TV in hotels, not that most passengers stayed in them because the amount of flights was so large you had plenty of opportunities to take the next near flight. Julie no longer had her radio, at least sharing a part of France with passerbys either. Capitalism isn't a bad thing, but thinking that everything should be paid is a flawed way of thinking. During the old times... France actually gained more money than it lost as a result of this, and I think a lot of countries should have done the same. How much electricity does it take to power a tiny radio anyway?


Posted by Belthagor - July 5th, 2022

I think there are two things that upset me most. In many countries, people of various professions do things cookie cutter. Of course if this were the real internet, most people here would be gamers and know exactly what that means. You have a character build. You must put this exact points into the build's strength, this many into defence, and this many into attack. You need to wear this set of armor and this exact set needs to be obtained once again should you lose it. This is your sword of choice and it's the same for everyone who picked the class. Although some newer games have various builds per class as of recently. You unlock equipment at this exact stat... everyone else unlocks the same exact equipment at this exact stat. You need to use the following spells in the following order, and the same goes for every magician.

I think this is what hinders several countries including super powers. People in charge hire workers not based on their personal intellect but their ability to copy their knowledge which was written before them. Without their own effort, creatively or otherwise, that becomes outdated knowledge. Many countries are simply interested in having the population control eachother this way, not in progress, and that is why they are successful. It's the realistic truth.

The worst thing... in my opinion... is that these people... actually think they are intelligent, partly because they have a degree of varying levels or their grade. When something new is brought forth in front of them... they don't know what to do.

I remember a famous situation. Now... famous has various meanings... things which are famous in Europe are not heard of in the US, for example, and some things which are famous in the US... people in Europe had no knowledge about back in the 90s. Although we have the restrictive internet now which is heavily censored.

A girl in Germany loses her appetite due to her parents arguing. She is prescribed appetite medications, sinostol, which I believe also originated in Germany. What is the problem with this. If you were to say this to a medical professional... they wouldn't know what to say or do.

I wouldn't treat someone who's in pain with something that causes them pain... this is why I was chosen as the next Devil.

Posted by Belthagor - July 3rd, 2022

Alright, so you're fresh out of high school and can begin indulging on the journey of protein drinks, whether made in a blender or pre-made from the store. Here are some things you can do to increase your muscle gain and endurance.

Step one: Buy a protein shake from the store and use it before you work out.

If Step one is getting you nowhere with gaining results... it's time for Step 2: Look up on certified fitness websites how to make a better protein shake and try doing that.

Of course... extreme times call for extreme measures so it's time for Step 3:

Step 3: If store brought shakes are failing you, and you've tried every fitness website with minimal gains... it's time for extreme measures.

Go to your local gym and look for the biggest guy possible whom is lifting 200+ pounds whether benching or other exercise such as a squat or deadlift. While he isn't looking... carefully, with attention to detail... borrow the contents of his protein shake in the place he left his plastic bottle. Leave a five dollar bill beneath the plastic bottle as I do not endorse stealing. This may be helpful, especially the next step. You've got a thirty minute head start until the guy finishes lifting. Run. Run like you've never ran before. Pump those legs. No stopping even if a beautiful woman looks at you admiring your physique during the summer while she's wearing short and a sports bra. Run like a gazelle and don't look behind you because it will make your movement slower. Continue running. Start to look back occasionally to see if anyone is running after you. Once you have reached a safe area, take a breath, rest on a bench and walk home. This concludes leg day... Also known as Bits and Leftovers Episode 3: Belthagor stop trying to beef up the police.