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Before I came to the US I spoke with my father. We had a very short conversation.

He was in the dining room which is connected to the kitchen, and had arrived from work.

I walked in the room and we looked at eachother's faces and I began speaking. "Sega shte ti kazha neshto koeto misla che e nai intelligentnoto neshto koeto sam kazal vuv moia zhivot. ... Imame nushda ot pari za da kupim hranata." [Now I will tell you something that I think is the most intelligent thing I have said in my entire life. ... We need money to buy the food.]

We took a pause while looking at eachother and said nothing for about 10 minutes.

I added "Sega, kakfo mojej da izmislish ot tova bez contecst?"

[Now, what are you able to create based on this without context."

We took a longer pause and both of us said nothing. At least 15 minutes passed.

I walked in my room.

Bulgarian language is very different from english, so I have to explain the memory in more words.

I didn't mean that my father should work more so we can buy food, or that we needed more money, we were about average for our standards while living in Bulgaria.

In english, using more words to transform the memory into something legible I would use two phrases.

The first is: "People need money... In Order To ... buy food."

The second is: "Money is used to buy food."

As you can see, for a 3 or 4 year old, the memory is very plain, but it's something we can all agree on. Maybe it could stop problems in the world if someone says this to a person causing this. Maybe it could stop child abuse... I don't know.

I think alongside all the speeches I made on belthagor, dormantaccount2, dormantaccount3, and dormantaccount4, this would be the final memory that I can remember. I only spoke in Bulgaria for about 3 years before I arrived in the US. I think I covered everything except for insignificant bits and parts here and there.

In one word I can explain the words: Fact.

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