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Alright guys I'll keep this short. As I mentioned in a speech which was recently voiced in the comments, yes I have shared some of my ideas, well the majority of them anyway, with random politicians on a plane flight during my childhood. Of course many of you may ask what this has to do with anything, let me start from the beginning.

A while ago I saw Lily speaking on TV in Bulgaria, about someone who had made a profile on the internet pretending to be her... and when she confronted them through pm they asked her to share her ID, which was then stolen by the Fake Lily Ivanova... or maybe it was Mimi Ivanova, one of the two I'm certain.

Anyway the internet has turned into a device for use by Criminals commiting crimes against Europe... but you know it makes you wonder. As of a while ago I stumbled onto a bunch of people using my nickname, Belthagor, one of which is on instagram and the other on deviantart. I'd assume that they are trying to provoke me into using my real name, however my nickname which is of no particular value will stay up on newgrounds.

Anyway, the whole thing with Lily made me chuckle at bit at my escapades around airports and planes and airport hotels. You see, even though unlike these people on the internet causing problems towards people in real life, I have not done absolutely anything wrong. However due to having very interesting and intelligent ideas... I specifically explained that it's best for the few people in business suits I spoke about for both of us not to have names towards eachother, so we can't be used against each-other somehow in the future. I spoke about technology, including eyesight technology, I spoke about how I would conquer the world, as I have mentioned in my 86th speech. As for if we will ever have verbal contact during my entire lifespan once more... No one knows. We will see. I don't even know what country they're from, hah. I guess my reputation precedes me. If someone were using even a nickname of another person on the internet, they could cause problems of all kinds, but where there aren't any names available, absolutely no one knows what would happen in the future. It's beyond human intellect to figure that out. No one knows. I'd assume the people whom use lethal gas on me and photograph me in the street, which is visible to street cameras based on the way they are holding their cellphone, are going to continue falsifying evidence. But at least I aided towards conquering the world from some countries in an alliance, which countries and which alliance, no one will ever know including myself, to be totally honest with you. The people I spoke to may have been American, European, or from elsewhere, we'll never know.

I guess I'll really become a devil. The fumes cloud the mind but upon a little bit of oxygen and peace of mind in the afterlife... my Devilish intellect will show once more. Life has so many things in it.


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