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Posted by Belthagor - December 6th, 2015

I am glad you decided to fill out this interview CamRa, and let us know more about yourself.
My name is Cameron Rich, my hobbies include Gaming, YouTube, and Twitch. I am 12 (Do not worry, I'm mature). I am an aspiring musician and Pro-Gamer. Not much to talk about.
How did you make up your username?
Well, It originated from my GD Username. CamRa had a lot of factors in it, Cam came from my real name, Cameron. Everyone would associate me with a Camera because I am good with tech. The reason it's CamRa and not CameRa is because everyone always misspelled my name, thinking it was spelled Camron.
When did you start making music, how did it happen?
 Well.... I used to be a dumper. It was a noobish thing to do, but now I am legit.
Is there a certain message you want to give your audience in your works?
 Well, most of my songs are gonna be video game/dubstep. I am a gamer. Yeah.
Would you have any difficulty composing a certain type of music or genre?
 Yes, actually. I loathe pop songs, and only listen to EDM.
What programs/instruments/other things do you use?
 I use FL studio (demo) and GarageBand.
Do you see music as a career?
 Honestly, kinda. Ironically, I think youtube is a career, but music isn't much of a career in my mind.
Are you working on anything right now? Tell us about it.
 Just remixes and covers and whatnot. Nothing special really.
Other comments? (This section is for anything else you would want to write)
Eh, not much.

Posted by Belthagor - December 6th, 2015

All musicians are welcome to answer.
Questions found here: http://justpaste.it/phr0


First up: TroisNyx

I am glad you decided to fill out this interview, Troisnyx, and let us know more about yourself.
Alright, where shall I begin…
Uh, I’m 24, engaged to Seán (who is also on NG but mainly because I forced him to be), and generally downright weird. With a capital W. And everything else besides. In size 300 Comic Sans font with loads of exclamation marks and 1s. In 1998-style WordArt.
But in all seriousness: I grew up in Kuala Lumpur, and as I grew up, I wrote articles criticising the Malaysian authorities. I came to Britain to study law at my parents’ behest, and the situation where I grew up worsened. It’s now no longer safe for me to return home. So, I am an asylum seeker. Some may not like this, and consider me the lowest of the low. I don’t give a damn about what they think. If they don’t like asylum seekers, then they have an ignorant perception of what asylum seekers really are like.

How did you make up your username?
My username was initially TroisNyxEtienne – something that I had conceived in 2004. ‘Trois’ is the French for three, ‘Nyx’ is the name of the Greek goddess of night, and ‘Etienne’ was what I thought would be the closest proper name if I spelled my own first name backwards. The three parts of my username have a deeper significance for me: Trois is my homage to God as Holy Trinity, a very Christian understanding. Nyx is what I took to signify personal darkness. Etienne became an homage of sorts to St Stephen, protomartyr, because Etienne is the French equivalent of the first name, Stephen.
In later years I shrank that username to Troisnyx, simply because I didn’t want people asking me how on earth to pronounce this mess of letters that went Troisfdalgndausngvh.

When did you start making music; how did it happen?
I was apparently 2+. My mother used to tell me that I tinkered on a toy piano, and made some really nice melodies on it. I remember that toy piano, but I don’t really remember what it sounded like.
I began composing when I was 10, as part of a mandatory composition project that my classmates and I had to do. I don’t think any of us had prior experience in composing, and I dug my heels in. It was an absolute drag. Little did I know I would pick up that compositional skill that I had learnt at that time, and little did I know that it would stick with me.
The first time I ever recorded my own voice was in 2009, and a year later, I shared some songs made on Mario Paint, which at the time was the only decent way for me to record instrumental music.
Doing stuff on a DAW (digital audio workstation) is another story. I first got acquainted with a DAW when I was 19, and at university. A friend of mine taught me the basics of the piano roll, volume envelopes and things like these on Logic Pro 8, which I couldn’t take home with me because I don’t own a Mac, and never did own one in the past. Then FL Studio was introduced to me by another friend, and the rest is history I guess.

Is there a certain message you want to give your audience in your works?
The message I hope to give is Christ’s. It’s a message of hope, love, joy, peace, reconciliation, forgiveness... It is the uplifting of the human soul, and just a slice of the highest heaven. It is something I truly find beautiful, and I really want to share that beauty with all of you. Thing is, this message cannot be condensed to what you find in this post. Even the songs that I sing will not be enough to encompass what I’m trying to get across. I’m probably not the best example, either, when it comes to giving the message of Christ to people. But I want to do so anyway. And I hope the music I’ve made does this.

Would you have any difficulty composing a certain type of music or genre?
Composing, probably not. Mixing, yes.
I struggle with mixing any kind of rock, despite knowing how to compose for it, and theoretically, I should be able to handle genres I wouldn’t touch with the end of a ten-foot pole, including dubstep, rap and hardstyle. If I don’t know anything, I normally learn quite quickly, both with YouTube guidelines and advice from fellow Newgrounds musicians. But I’ll be honest; I can’t mix these, not yet. Do I really want to, though?

What programs/instruments/other things do you use?
*groan* Here comes the long list of equipment, I guess.

• DAW: FL Studio 11.
• Hardware: Blue Snowball, Samson MIDI keyboard which is small, and I forget the serial number, and 11 rosewood tippers for the bodhráns, three pairs of drumsticks (2C, 5A and I forget what size), a pair of timpani mallets.

• Physical instruments – at least the ones I use anyway:
o Four bodhráns (20" standard, 18" standard, 18" tuneable and 8")
o Darbuka which is incidentally shaped like a djembe, don’t ask me why
o Half-sized djembe
o Triple bongos
o Another set of bongos that have been separated because one of the lugs broke
o A small, flat Chinese drum called bian gu
o Glockenspiel – no, not a concert one, just a student one
o Small diatonic xylophone
o Recorder (G? I think)
o Tin whistle (D)
o Chromatic harmonica
o Electric organ – the kind with all sorts of colourful tabs
o A small keyboard that doesn’t have internal speakers and has to be routed to a radio or an external speaker for it to work
o A medium-sized keyboard with MIDI output that currently doesn’t have a base to support its innards, and needs repairs to the point that I think it’d be more worth it to buy a new one
o Stylophone
o Celtic harp, tuned to G by default
o Tambourine
o Loads and loads of bells – and I mean the jingly kind, the kind that you find in jewellery or hobby shops on occasion
o Pretty much anything that can class as a found instrument, for percussive effect. I once tapped on the base of a stack of CDs on Uplift, a track of mine that got played on BBC Radio Lancashire.
 The other instruments that I do not yet know how to use are two violins, two guitars (one ¾ and one full), a concertina, a button accordion (which some people like to call a melodeon)…

• VSTs (do these actually stand for Virtual Sound Technology or something like that?)
o Fruity Soundfont Player. No, I am dead serious. The vast majority of my songs use soundfonts in some way, shape or form.
o Sytrus, my new go-to for electronic sounds.
o Versilian Studios’ plugins, including Chamber Orchestra 2 which is in beta (I think?), Miscellania I and II, Fretless Zither, Upright Piano and Dan Tranh.
 Versilian’s VSTs are the only external VSTs I actually have. The rest of my inventory consists of FL Studio defaults.

Do you see music as a career?
Not yet, but I aim to. In my current situation I cannot accept paid work, but I welcome any commission, video game project or voice acting project which is clean and gets my name out there. And hopefully, once my case is settled, I may be able to start taking steps to turning my musical dream into an actual career.
Well, being a musician is a legitimate career, despite what some people like to think. I was forced to read law because both my parents shoved the belief on me that music is not a career. This caused me years of suffering that I cannot begin to get into. Some of it, I mentioned when I was interviewed by @TheInterviewer.

Are you working on anything right now? Tell us about it.
I’ve got two smallish projects going on right now -- @Ceevro’s singalong collab for Christmas, as well as an entry for a Christmas competition hosted by @Bosa. The competition entry is something I hold close to my heart.

Other comments? (This section is for anything else you would want to write)
Newgrounds seriously needs to come up with an Android app. It has been there for 20 years, undergone various sorts of design changes, and the least we could do for those of us browsing on mobile devices is enable an Android app, or perhaps a mobile version of the site for those who would prefer it. We have a lot of really talented programmers; surely a few people at least can chip in and help the staff do this. I get especially frustrated with this when I want to make a new news post, with content available on my tablet or phone for instance, and cannot do so because the text editor isn’t supported by Android, for example.