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This is going way too far.

Comments (10)

The only thing is, DON'T ASK TO BE SCOUTED... and that's how i know it. :)

Oh wow. This is some next level shizzle. So many things you just don't do in just that one message... you probably can notify an admin about it though.

If this is a new thing maybe Collabinator mods need to be a new thing too...

Nothing we can really do about it unfortunately 0:

You can. Just let a mod know. I'll handle this. ;)

Edit: Someone beat me to it. :'( but yeah, that's how it's done.

It's still up, I checked.

The account is still up, but the review has been deleted. I don't know if he's been banned or not, since NG is running slow and I'm working on other things. If you see that again, send me a PM and I'll put him out for a few. ;)

What review? I linked a post from the collabinator in a printscreen picture, and the post is still up.

Oh, ok. I looked at his account, saw he had no reviews, submissions, or posts, and didnt realize it was a collabinator post. I'll look into it.

I really don't see why anyone should care, only an idiot would just give it to him and he's an idiot for asking for it. The scouting system is dumb in itself anyway.

@Psychopath It's in place to keep Newgrounds free of spam and other shit that doesn't belong here. It's been an important part of Newgrounds since early in the site's life, and it has remained here for a reason: it works.

@FaunSound The scouting system was never part of the site's early life and no, it doesn't work. Did you think that Newgrounds had an Art Portal since the 90s?

Anytime someone's unscouted, that daisy chains up to the person at the top of that chain, then back down to everyone they've ever scouted, meaning you can cause a cascade failure to an entire group of artists just by pulling one of them out by the roots.

In no way does it "prevent" spam from being uploaded, if anything it shields it by keeping it out of plain sight. The scouting system caused a huge issue wherein songs owned by music labels were being uploaded en mass when Geometry Dash was popular, & before that people in Somalia were uploading copyrighted music tracks for the purpose of putting malicious links in the descriptions of their illicit audio submissions. The thing about these people is they were able to get away with it for longer than they should have because being pulled out of plain view, while it might prevent a lawyer from seeing it at first, allows spammers to get away with it for longer. If the Art and Audio portals were designed the same way as the Flash/Classic portal, we'd be able to see it as soon as it was uploaded and report it immediately rather than miss it long enough that the user could get up to twenty song uploads before they're uncovered from the rock they're hiding under.

Just a few days ago, I caught someone uploading a full Simpsons clip to the portal and I was able to report it post haste because it wasn't hidden, everything was laid bare and accountable in one concise place.

Make no mistake, the scouting tool was born out of elitist interests, not as a security measure. I remember a time when NSFW content wasn't allowed in the Art portal at all, unthinkable right? The scouting system was part of that. It's for that reason that I've always advocated for a blam/protect system across the board instead of just for movies and games, if the community is to be expected to curate itself, let it without the exclusionary in-group philosophy that accomplishes nothing.