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Belthagor's Guide to lyrics, and melody in music production

Posted by Belthagor - August 7th, 2018

From my years of listening to music I have noticed that the longer you hear something during a single period of time, without breaks, (especially if the album(s) have words in them that are in a language you know), the more dull the sound becomes.
You eventually tend to zone out and it turns from music into regular volume noise going through your musical device. The length of time it takes for this to happen correlates with how professional the musican is in making their melody and lyrics. And while zoned out, you may zone back in by hearing something very nice. During this zoned out phase you can see how good the artist you are playing is.
My idea for this guide started recently as I was taking a long walk outside, while playing Alizee with headphones on. I had been walking for 2 hours and some minutes, and the second album was halfway through. I had had my ipod on for about an hour and a half, and I was tired of hearing music. I could only focus on the usual things people do while walking. Anyway, the song "Les Collines" was halfway through, and although most people will agree that Alizee is no Britney Spears, the lyrics "Never wanna leave you" came on repeat, and I zoned back into the music, while still paying attention to walking, of course.
So in short my guide to vocals in an album based on all this length of time and zoning out and in would be, make sure your lyrics have something nice in them, on repeat, that everyone would like to hear, somewhere in a song or two in an album. Maybe in the middle of timespan. Before zoning out, I assume memorable lyrics would have the similar effect of keeping you zoned in longer. Melody and rhythm are more complex, but if you listen to music for long periods of time, when you have free time, you have noticed that you can listen to some songs or albums in the same genre for longer periods of time than others

wrote this in 2 mins, sorry for grammar but you get the idea.

@TroisNyx @NekoMika

Specifically looking for commentary from you two.

Comments (13)

Then you haven't accounted for Disney lyrics, outside of Let It Go. Many of them are not necessarily repetitive, but they're beautiful, and people remember them for that.

Repetition, in my mind, is very vastly overdone. Alizée does it to a tasteful degree but I've heard enough tripe on the radio that uses that same technique.

I suppose, then, that it depends on the song being written and that it's not an exact science.

@IoTheEternal thoughts? (based on what you said in discord earlier)

@Troisnyx @belthagor EVERYTHING has been overdone at this point - repetition isn't bad, you just have to add your own spin to it to make it yours. And just because something has been done to death, doesn't make it bad. After all we only groan cuz we've heard it a billion times - but a young person who hasn't heard them all yet will still enjoy them, just as we did growing up.

I mean look at daft punk songs - they're repetitive as hell, but still somehow manage to maintain your attention.

@IoTheEternal @belthagor There's something intelligent about Daft Punk's more famous song chords, though -- they may be the 3, 4 chord formula but they're atypical chords normally.

There's also the reason I used to love Laurent Boutonnat's songwriting.

@Troisnyx @belthagor if the song is repetitive you have to have SOMETHING in it that changes up to maintain someons attention - whether its diverse lyrics, interesting tempo, sweeping pads and effects, SOMEthing.

@IoTheEternal @belthagor And I think, it's to do with highs and lows, and how well placed they are. Otherwise we'd best be hearing the insipid Pet Shop Boys... XD

@Troisnyx @belthagor WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE PETSHOP BOYS lol - don't you like depressing droning lyrics hahaha

@IoTheEternal @belthagor You ever heard the whole Western Town Boys whatever the title is? The song is bland for the lyrics hhhh ;;

@Troisnyx @belthagor I love that song though - one cannot take their personal preferences as an eexcuse to attack a song haha..

for me it's the structure of how he sings that song that I love.

west. town. girls.

I've never heard of the Petshop Boys

@IoTheEternal @belthagor @belthagor *gasps and clutches pearls*


@IoTheEternal @belthagor We can attack a song at the end of the day because we find something insipid. But like any criticism of a song, it is mostly subjective. People are not necessarily going to agree, and that's fair enough.

@Troisnyx @belthagor true true. Like I personally hate most hipster music of this generation because I find it sounds vapid.

@IoTheEternal @belthagor I agree, and it breaks my heart when I hear what the radio often spews out.

@Troisnyx @belthagor I don't listen to the radio anymore - just newgrounds and soundcloud and youtube lol..