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Newgrounds Musician Interviews: MajorMusic

Posted by Belthagor - December 16th, 2018

Alright everyone, a few people were saying that my interviews were too generic, so instead of copying the questions the same way I have been doing, I asked a bunch of different ones.

Here we go!

I'll start with question 1, and btw you have unlimited time to answer these.
How did you make up your username?
(Btw I usually ask the same questions for everyone, but a few people were complaining that it's too generic, so I am going to ask you some unique ones too.)

-I don't really know how I came up with my username. MajorMusic just seemed to work well.

What instuments do you play?

-Piano, cello, and flute.

I should probably ask, which one of the three instruments are you best at? :3


Are there any composers you like?

-My top five favorite composers are: Beethoven Mozart Chopin Liszt Bach

That's in order of most favorite to least favorite?


What kind of piano do you use?

-In my apartment I have an electric piano, but my parents have a baby grand at their house that I often use when I visit them.

Super cool!
Lets see, what else should I ask....
Do you think I am an awesome person? =)


What else do you want me to ask you?

-I don't know.

That is the most outstanding answer I have ever heard.

What kind of music do you like to make the most? Ex: Classical, Jazz, other.

-I'm classically trained, so I'm most comfortable with classical music, however, I am open to going outside my comfort zone if a client requests it of me.
I have written rock, jazz, and even pop music before.

What kind of music do you like to listen to the most?

-I generally listen to classical and cinematic music, but I'm also a huge fan of alternative and classic rock. Some of my favorite bands are Queen, the Rolling Stones, the Beetles, Imagine Dragons. 21 Pilots, and the Beach Boys.

-Do you like to listen to men or women singing more?

-I don't really care so long as they have a good voice.

Idk what else to ask...
Oh right.
Do I have your permission to post the interview on newgrounds on my newspage.

-Of course.
-How else am I going to get people to view my page?

Okay, I'm going to edit it a little bit, for grammar on my part.
Everything will be the same.