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Newgrounds Musician Interviews: JessieYun

Posted by Belthagor - July 11th, 2018

I am glad you decided to fill out this interview, Jessie Yun(Thunder Cat), and let us know more about yourself.

1. How did you make up your username?

My dad named me Jessie when I was 7 years old. The name Thunder Cat just came into my mind while reading a book, which showed a cat being scared of a thunder. That's when I named myself Thunder Cat in electro genre.

2. Is there a certain message you want to give your audience in your works? I try to speak hope and peace, since I'm in the only country where the nation is divided. I also try to give encouragements to the listeners.

3. Would you have any difficulty composing a certain type of music or genre? There's a lot, actually. I'm mostly familiar with orchestra music (cinematic/movie scores), so basically I'm not familiar with most electronic genres. But I'm still trying to learn and get inspired by listening to great artists out there.

4. What programs/instruments/other things do you use? My old iPhone 5 is the only studio I have, unfortunately. I use Garageband iOS and Groovebox iOS as a DAW. Once, I used iSymphonic Orchestra, a mobile software, but now I'm not able to because of a big storage amount.

5. Do you see music as a career? Are you working on anything right now? Tell us about it. Somehow. Definitely not into music career as an electronic genre artist, though. Just considering to have a side-job as a movie score composer.

6. Other comments? Well, although I don't have any academic background or professional tools, I'm still trying to become at least a good composer for the listeners out there. I just hope my listeners enjoy the piece, gets encouraged, and share the voice I speak with others.

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I was scrolling through the news and I saw your interviews. It is nice to see some different content in the news.