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This and that.

Posted by Belthagor - June 3rd, 2020

Hello everyone! How many newgrounds members here like drinking coffee?

Wouldn't you like technology that could make you enjoy your coffee more while drinking it?

The only reason I'm asking is, recently I overheard a news broadcast where someone was discussing this very same topic, and called it brainwashing technology.

My comment?

"How stupid can people get."

You're getting a free, legal drug (tech,) to go along with your cheap, legal drug (coffee). The one out of very few plants you can ingest which have numerous health benefits, and lead to an overall longer lifespan. It slows aging (antioxidant properties.) It helps fight cancer, sclerosis and alzheimers even.

If people broadcasting news are this idiotic - they should be drinking more coffee, not less of it. And so should the people viewing their broadcasts who believe them.


Since I have viewed the forums multiple times for years I thought this topic would be okay. If it's not, feel free to remove it.



Comments (14)

Something that makes people energetic and enjoy things more, huh?
I afraid you might end up competing with the cocaine industry.

Atleast they come from the same continent I guess.
Maybe it's why they're similar, you never know.

Wait...what we're they going to use?
Helmets? Subliminal messages in the background music? Nanorobotics?
Having nanomachines in your drugs is some hardcore future shit If I've ever heard it.

Nanomachines, son.

The thing is... once you're satisfied with your coffee, or anything else you generally don't take more of it, for a few hours anyway, because you know it would in itself be counter-productive to do so. Peoples tolerance to coffee increases extremely slowly, and it's not very addictive. If it competes it will at least be better for people's overall well being.

Coffee is good but a coffee overdose, similar to any other overdose, feels bad. People would get into a better habit, not a damaging habit, of drinking coffee more often.

The technology could be as simple as making the fluid feel better going down your throat after identifying it as a hot coffee.

Or alternatively, a much better option, increase the thinking benefits that coffee temporarily gives you, to make it feel better. Why not?

Coffee helps people think, that and staying awake are the main reasons people drink it in the first place, might as well increase those effects.

@JosephStarr Too lazy to edit my previous reply. Just wanted to say, in a way, this wouldn't be at the least bit damaging... I mean think about it. People combine smoking with sex regularly, or alcohol with it, they also smoke after eating, to increase the enjoyable feeling of being full, or drink while eating. It's been this way for thousands of years. Heck, some people have even combined caffiene and sex albeit in smaller amounts.

As for coffee, enhancing the way drinking it feels would make sense, people use it to work, but also to think, unlike most other things out there.

I combine everything with everything.

Food and beer? Combine it.
Coffee and alcohol? Combine it.
Tobacco and marijuana? Combine it.
Cats and dogs? Combine it.

I'm all for nanomachine coffee.
But will they harden with physical trauma?


"But will they harden with physical trauma?"

What do you mean by this? I am probably misreading it.

@JosephStarr @Belthagor

I'm just making dumb references to a Metal Gear meme about nanomachines.

@JosephStarr Oh... got you. :P I'm going to bed, feel free to tag any other forum members who you think would like to read this. Out of the ones I know I am drawing a blank.

i didn't get what you mean. i like coffee. is the question if i'd want to like it even more with a sort of technology? well i can only imagine a technology that makes better coffee... something like that dude from breaking bad or something lol

@Edeshye Yes! That is the question!

A technology that gives you good feelings from drinking coffee, I guess.

@Edeshye My post got cut off.

Technology that gives you good feelings in your brain while drinking coffee. (It does not use any substances that you would need to ingest in order to do it, besides your coffee.)

@Belthagor and what would that be?


Idk, it doesn't exist yet, but in our times would be possible to make?

@Belthagor haha i don't know! i find it so abstract i can't even think of something that would fit


Most likely it would be some sort of machinery. It seems impossible but then again that's what they said about computers.

It would be very large at first, take up half of a room, but it would get smaller with time.

@Belthagor are you inventing this?


I'm not a mechanical engineer, nor a software engineer though.

@Edeshye But I would gladly take credit for the concept where credit is due.

@Belthagor heh, it seems like an idea someone gets while high. are you high on something?

@Edeshye Not at all.

@Everyone Do you think I am a genius? :>

I am addicted to coffee.

Nah. hard pass - I'd rather stick with the oldschool tea ceremony.